Why the Azores

Have you ever thought about organising your event in a completely different, unique destination?

There are dormant volcanoes, fumaroles, natural warm pools, magical lakes; the cuisine boasts flavours from the sea and the land, which blend with breath-taking landscapes, tea and pineapple plantations. The Atlantic Ocean is dotted with whales and dolphins; there are UNESCO heritage sites.Both fun and tranquillity reign in this sustainable environment.

In the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, between the continents of Europe and America, the Azores are closer than you might imagine, Merely two hours from Lisbon and about four hours away from the main airports of Europe, the USA and Canada.

You will be amazed by the natural beauty of the Azores, with a mild climate all year long, and by the hospitality of the islanders and the knowledge of its professionals. The quality of the hotel and congress amenities make the Azores the ideal place for conferences, business meetings, workshops, exhibitions, award ceremonies and sporting events.

The Azores is an authentic place, where no two days are the same. Definitely a place worth discovering.

Why Azores

A new destination with great potential for business tourism

New infra-structures for events: new hotels and conference centres

Richness and diversity of tourist attractions

Good air links to Lisbon, Porto and other European and intercontinental destinations

Safe destination

Fine food and good wine

Excellent hospitality