Things to Do

The exclusivity of the archipelago of the Azores and the unique experiences it offers appeal to the senses, making it a prime destination for the organisation of events.

All nine islands offer a range of activities that immerse you in nature and which will make your trip to the archipelago an unforgettable experience.

There are specialised companies on each island that offer appropriate professional services which allow you to make the most of this magnificent natural setting. Walking by the lakes, following nature trails, discovering the inside of a volcano, playing golf, swimming in natural pools, bathing in warm waterfalls, or photographing the sea floor are just some of the experiences you can enjoy. Or you can go whale watching, relax in a spa, visit the only tea plantation in Europe, discover how the black stone produces a wine once served at the table of Tsars, or simply visit the rich cultural heritage of the islands.

In the Azores, every experience is unique! Optimise your events!