Teatro Angrense
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Angra do Heroísmo, World Heritage City, is known for its intense and diversified cultural and recreational activity. The Angrense Theatre is one of the maximum exponents of azorian culture, stage for, not only the local theatre amateur groups, but also for great national and international shows, either for music, dance or theatre.

It’s an open theatre, horseshoe like, typical of the period corresponding to the evolution of Italian Opera and of the romantic theatre, an unique example of its kind in Terceira’s island and one of the best in the Azores. Classified as Public Interest real state, was conceived to develop its theatre vocation, but also being used as a cinema room.

With an excellent acoustic, it has all characteristics and conditions for theatre performance according to the traditional requirements, with web, dressing rooms and stage. It has a great auditorium with ground floor, balcony, dress boxes and two kinds of front boxes.

Located in the Heart of Angra’s city, its architectural façade shows a neoclassic influence. The building is crowned by a triangular pediment and, at the top of the box-office, stands an Art Nouveau casing roof made of forged iron.